Replacing text is the companion to searching, and is a central part of Search Regex.

Once your search has produced some results you can make changes in several ways:

  • Individual replace – clicking on an individual phrase and replacing that specific match
  • Row replace – clicking the ‘Replace’ action next to a result row and replacing all matches in the row
  • Global replace – entering a replacement into the global replace field, and performing the replacement across the whole source

Individual Replace

You can individually replace specific matched phrases by clicking the phrase in the search results. You will then be presented with a replacement popup:

Enter a replacement phrase. If you are performing a regular expression search then you can use any captured data via the standard capture groups (i.e. $1, $2 etc).

The dropdown on the right allows you to enter a single or multi line replacement:

The main difference is that the multi line allows return characters.

The final option is to remove the phrase entirely. The phrase will be shown with a line through it.

Row Replace

You can replace all phrases in all columns in a row by clicking the Replace button in the Actions column.

This works the same as shown above in the Individual Replace, but all phrases are replaced.

Note that captured regular expression values will be used appropriately.

Global Replace

The global replacement can be set from the main search form. It has the same features as the above Individual Replace, but doesn’t appear in a popup.

The main difference is that you need to click the Replace All button to perform the replace. When clicked all occurrences of your search phrase will be replaced. Regular expressions are correctly updated.

Depending on the size of your database table you may be presented with a progress bar. It is possible to cancel the replacement.