Sometimes other plugins can cause problems with Search Regex. This usually manifests itself as:

– The plugin causes an error and the error is causing valid data to appear invalid
– The plugin is adding code into Search Regex’s admin page, and this is causing something to go wrong

Testing whether another plugin is the cause of a problem is a simple process:

1. Go to the plugins page and temporarily disable all other plugins
2. Go back to Search Regex and see if the problem has gone away
3. If the problem has gone away then gradually re-enable plugins and test Search Regex until you find the one that stops Search Regex working

I found a plugin that causes a problem – what do I do now?

If you contact us and tell us the name and version of the plugin we may be able to work around it.

If the plugin is causing an error then you can contact the author of the plugin and ask them to fix the error.

If the plugin is adding code to other pages then you can contact the author and ask that the plugin doesn’t do this. There is generally no reason for a plugin to add code to pages other than it’s own, and doing so causes a lot of problems.