There are various options you can set from the Options page, accessible from the top menu.


Search Regex uses the WordPress REST API to communicate with WordPress. For the majority of users this is shouldn’t cause any issue. However, some setups may experience problems caused by security plugins or other issues, and you may need to change how Search Regex uses the REST API.

The options are:

Default – use the default REST API, as defined by get_rest_url(). This is the standard API, and the preferred setting
Raw – sometimes the default API may not work, and you can try using the API via /index.php?rest_route=/

If you change this setting and something breaks you can go to the Support page and Search Regex will attempt to fix it.

If none of these settings fix the problem then you almost certainly are running security plugin that is blocking all requests. This will likely cause other problems, and you should try and reconfigure the plugin.