Search Regex 3.0

It’s been a long time coming but Search Regex 3.0 has been released. It’s a major update over the 2.0 branch, which itself is a major update over 1.0.

The plugin is now even more flexible and you can search across multiple sources of information. A new ‘filter’ concept has been introduced which allows very specific search conditions to be described and combined together

For example, want to find all posts that were published in March 2022?

As well as replacing text you can also update values – dates can be incremented, categories can be added, entries can be deleted, and much more.

For example, do you want to add a new category to the posts published in March and change the author?

You can even insert data from

A full list of changes are:

  • Major update with many, many, new features
  • Advanced searches with fully customisable filters that can be combined together with AND and OR logic
  • Search any WordPress table, including posts, comments, users, meta-data, and options
  • Search any column, including text, numeric, and date
  • Can be used as a general-purpose data viewer and data updater
  • Export rows to CSV and SQL
  • Mass delete matching rows
  • Modify any column, with ability to increment and decrement numbers and dates (i.e. add 2 hours to post modification date)
  • Insert data from other columns. For example, add a list of categories into a post, add post date to the title etc
  • Transform existing data. For example, change case, convert underscores to dashes.
  • Full support for saving advanced filter and actions to presets
  • Autocomplete filters and modifications
  • Support for serialized data (with conditions)
  • Fix replace with dollar ($) from being treated as a regular expression

This support site will be updated to match the new functionality.